E-Drum Splitters

Due to the global supply issues affecting semiconductors market I have decided to suspend the production of E-Drum splitters until further notice. I sincerely apologise for any inconvenience.


"chokeable" e-drum cymbal splitter

  • Connect two e-drum cymbal pads to any dual-zone trigger input on the drum module*.
  • Main cymbal retains “choke” function.
  • Only simple, basic setup is required. No need for changing the advanced trigger parameters.
  • High quality screened cable with gold-plated connectors for long life and trouble-free service.

*When connecting to the cable harness, stereo jack-to-jack coupler and extension cables will be required.


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CY-Y1 allows to expand e-drum kit by connecting two cymbal pads to any dual-zone trigger input on the drum module.

It is the only e-drum pad splitter on the market today which allows to "choke" the cymbal sound.

It was developed in order to reflect my acoustic drum kit setup on Roland TD-17KVX V-Drums which I use for practice.

I have used CY-Y1 to connect two additional CY-5 e-drum cymbal pads by splitting crash 1 and crash 2 trigger inputs.

These additional pads are used as splash cymbals which I use in my acoustic setup.

As opposite to other splitters available on the market, I can still "choke" the main crash cymbals.

The setup is very simple. All that's required is to assign different instruments to RIM and HEAD trigger inputs on the module.

There is no need for changing advanced trigger settings - this was tested on TD-17 and TD-27 modules only. Other modules may require additional tweaking.

CY-Y1 works only with cymbal pads. It is not suitable for splitting drum pads such as toms or snare.

I have developed another version of the splitter dedicated for drum pads. It is now at testing stage and I hope to have it ready for release soon.



Connect the splitter to the trigger input on the module.


Connect main cymbal to the EDGE connector on the splitter.

Connect secondary cymbal to BOW connector on the splitter.


Assign separate instruments to RIM and HEAD trigger inputs.


Start drumming!

Example setup

TD-17 CR1 input (cable harness):

Pad type = CR12C

Instrument [RIM] = 16" Dark Crash Edge

Instrument [HEAD] = 6" Thin Splash

TD-17 CRASH 2 input (jack):

Pad type = CR12C

Instrument [RIM] = 18" Dark Crash Edge

Instrument [HEAD] = 12" Thin Splash